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ISPN Website Policies and Disclaimer

Purpose of the ISPN website and Disclaimers: To advance the core mission of ISPN which is to support the work of specialty Psychiatric Mental Health nurses, and help them forge connections with colleagues so they might advance issues of mutual interest.

The ISPN website does not exist to provide psychiatric or other professional services. The information on this site is provided only for information and education purposes. Posting of position papers is a service to membership and does not imply that every individual member endorses every posting. Links to other sites does not imply that ISPN endorses the information or services provided by them. Those organizations are solely responsible for the information and privacy they provide. This website is supported by membership dues and is not funded by any third parties including corporations, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

Administration of the Website: The Website Management Committee (WMC) consists of a volunteer chairperson and 4-6 volunteer ISPN members who are representative of various divisions of ISPN. The WMC will oversee updating the website and the building of new platforms for communication among members and other organizations that promote mental health, both in the USA and internationally. The WMC chair will coordinate updates and innovations with the Website Management Committee, ISPN President, The Executive Director (of the Rees Group), and the webmaster of ProAccess Internet Services, LLC which developed and hosts the ISPN website. The ISPN President will discuss website changes with the ISPN Board as needed.

Privacy Statement: The ISPN website and all contents, where appropriate, are copyrighted by ISPN in Madison, Wisconsin.  All rights reserved.

The contents of this website may be downloaded or printed for personal or non-commercial use and may not be reproduced for any other reason without the prior written permission of ISPN. If used in an educational setting, the site must be referenced.

ISPN is committed to protecting your privacy. Below we are disclosing how we will use the information we gather about members on our website and the choices members have regarding our use of the information.

How Your Information is Used: Most of the information on our website is offered without our collecting any identifying information from you. Most personal information (unless you are on a Board or in a Leadership position and have provided your contact information) is available to other members only when members log-in to the Members Only site. We may use the personal, identifiable information you provide to complete information on membership activities, conduct a survey, or complete a donation or membership application.

Some features of the website are interactive and permit users to define their unique preferences. In these instances cookies may be used to enable the preferences to be stored and recalled whenever the user visits the website.

Disclosures to Third Parties:  We may disclose some contact information to mental health publishers or other relevant organizations where information would be beneficial to members' professional growth. Any third parties must provide substantially equivalent protection to such personal information. You may choose to opt out of this disclosure to third parties by notifying the Website Management Committee (WMC) chairperson.

On-line transactions:  We use physical and managerial procedures to protect and safeguard your data. Although ISPN uses standard practices with personal information, we cannot guarantee that your communications with our site will never be viewed and that your personal information will never be unlawfully accessed by third parties.

When you submit a membership application or any other type of online order form on the ISPN website, we transmit the sensitive credit card information using Secure Server software. This software employs 128bit SSL data encryption.

Changes to the Privacy Statement: ISPN reserves the right to alter our Privacy Statement at any time. If we decide to change our Privacy Statement we will post those changes on the website so that you will know what information we gather, how we might use the information, and whether we will disclose it to anyone.

Links and Conference Information from other organizations: The WMC reviews all requests for links and conference information.

Links are provided to other sites as a benefit and convenience to our website visitors. As stated under Disclaimers, we are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of other sites. ISPN will link to other websites that contain information related to the promotion of mental health both locally and globally and to your professional growth and development as it relates to PMH issues.

Our guideline for conference information (listed under Calendar of Events) is that the organization be collegial with psychiatric-mental health nurses, be committed to the promotion of mental health (through education, research, and/or practice), and their conference/seminar contributes to PMH Nursing Practice.  We also request and expect that the other organization will reciprocate by listing the ISPN conferences on their website. The ISPN conference will always be listed first under calendar of events, with other conferences in chronological order, according to the date of the event.

Content of the Website:  The content of the website will be reviewed approximately two times per year by the WMC (January and June). The WMC follows the site map and a website inventory form to review content, follow-ups with the experts connected to that aspect of the website, and then submits changes to ProAccess via the Website Management Committee Chairperson. The WMC will discuss the addition of new content to the website and will present innovative functions and content to the ISPN Board for review. The WMC welcomes any comments regarding inaccurate or outdated materials, as well as requests for posting information and innovative ideas and functions members would like to see on the website. Please direct content concerns or requests to the WMC Chair: and technical questions/comments to

Papers and articles should be evidence-based with references to the supporting articles provided whenever possible.

Requests by Members for postings or announcements:  Any requests to post information or announcements on the website are considered by the Website Committee Chair, Executive Director of ISPN, and the ISPN President. Announcements that are of a commercial nature will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

General Conduct of Members and Users:   Members and users are prohibited from transmitting on or through the ISPN website any material that is (at ISPN's sole discretion) unlawful, obscene, threatening, abusive, libelous, or encouraged conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any local, state, national, or international law.

Advertising:  As a non-profit organization, we do not generally host advertising nor display items with commercial content. However, we do display paid classified job postings as a service to our members.

Questions and Concerns:
For content, contact the Chair of the WMC:
For technical questions, contact

Roles and Responsibilities of WMC members:  Chair-Oversees management of the website and upholds the purpose of the ISPN website via monthly or bimonthly teleconference calls with WMC members; coordinates updates and changes to the website with ProAccess Internet Services, LLC; collaborates on all innovative ideas, changes, and additional new content with the Executive Director of ISPN, the President of ISPN, and the ISPN Board.

Members:  Participate in teleconference calls (at least 75% of the meetings); review content discussed in meetings and send updated changes/material to the WMC chair in a timely manner; share innovative ideas and work to implement these via the teleconferences. Agree to serve for two years; if can no longer serve, notify the WMC chair immediately. Check emails and respond to meeting planners regarding meeting availability; respond to chair as soon as possible about meeting times and work assignments.

Posted 01-04-10


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